Dreamcatcher Hand Painted Organic Hoodie Long Sleeve


This is a light weight long sleeve hoodie. Think more of a shirt with a hood, than a sweatshirt. It is stylish and cool with a slim fit cut. Great for both men and women. It is very soft and comfortable and perfect to wear in cool weather!


They will not shrink at all, guaranteed.


As for the design, this is truly a piece of hand painted clothing. We're not lying. Every single shirt sold is individually hand painted by brush, no screens are used at all. We do not mass produce any of our products.The designs are hand painted individually onto each shirt. The paint will show up differently for every product made, promising a unique one of a kind shirt for you.It is an original piece of wearable art, guaranteed every single time.


The paint will not wash off. Once the paint dries, it is heat set into fabric using a heat press so the paint is bound to the material.


Machine wash cold water. Hang dry.