The Fox

If you’re called to the Fox what does it mean symbolically?


A fox is known for being sly and keen. They are quick on their toes and can move swiftly and gracefully. They are playful creatures and yet very sharp and instinctual.

The fox points to being able to swiftly find your way around obstacles in your path. They have a very adaptable nature that can move seamlessly with changing times and the uncertainties of life.


From a spiritual perspective, the fox brings forth the ability to sharpen your awareness and your senses. I see this energy as the ability to trust the deep instinct of your intuition as soon as it arises. Feel it, trust it, jump.



One of my favorite traits of the fox is its cunning nature - cunning in the sense that it can keenly see through deception. The fox is not overtaken by the stories presented to us, but rather cuts right to what lies underneath the surface. The fox picks up on the true heartbeat and energetics that lie beneath, rather than all of the whimsical words and presentations that come out head on.


If the fox is calling you in, it may be asking you to trust the knee jerk intuition that you have before any mental thought taints it. There may be reason in your life for the need to react quickly and swiftly - to analyze a situation and trust the first intuitive judgment you hold without thinking twice - and then act.


It may also be calling you to sharpen your awareness. Sometimes the best way to do this is by observing situations objectively, rather than subjectively. Try to take a few steps back from the story and just observe, listen patiently, gather the underlay of information to gain the resources needed to before acting or responding.


The fox may be bringing to your attention an area of life where you are being deceived. This may be a time for you to drop in to that untainted intuition and take a deeper look at what is happening. Not what is being said or shown, but what do you feel intuitively. This can help you to release the air of confusion that often comes with deception.


The fox brings with it an acute ability to address any problem with mental sharpness and strong, solid intuition. By doing so, they are nimble and able to adjust immediately to maneuver in and out of difficulty.


As a nocturnal animal, the fox calls for dream work. Pay attention to the symbolism in your dreams - keep a journal and let your intuition guide you toward the unraveling of meaning presented.


The fox is a magician. with all of the sharpness, attunement, and intuitive instinct mentioned above- the fox has the ability to create and play with the energies it sees. When used consciously and in wholeness, this can become an amazing masterpiece, but be careful not to drive this force with too much ego- this can create unwanted circumstances as manifestations unravel.



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