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About Us

About Us

Hand-Painted & Sustainably Made.

We are committed to our values. We are committed to YOU.




Every Product. Every Time.


THIRD WOLF. Create From Within.

Sustainably Made

All of our products are eco-friendly and sustainable - We use a variety of sustainable materials including bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. We works with ethical manufacturers who guarantee fair labor to all of their employees. 



All of our designs are individually hand-painted. All designs are hand drawn and all stencils are hand cut. We value the handmade process. Every product is unique and one of a kind, guaranteed.


The Third Wolf Process


Our sustainable product is delivered to Denver, Colorado, our home base, as blank, eco-friendly clothing. Third Wolf works with manufacturers who guarantee ethical and fair labor production.


Every design that you will see in our catalog is hand drawn by Alexa Varano, the founder and owner of Third Wolf Designs. From there, a stencil is created to ensure efficiency for production, which allows us to produce large amounts of our final product. The stencil is hand-cut.


The stencil is applied to our manufactured blanks, we choose a variety of paint colors, and hand-paint every single item. This allows for a unique feel for every product guaranteeing that no two shirts will ever be exactly the same. Hand-painting allows for texture and quality and a unique energy delivered into each shirt.


Lastly, we heat set every item to guarantee quality product that lasts. By heat setting, the paint binds into the fabric, which allows for the ability to machine wash on cold without ever ruining the art.

The Third Wolf Mission


Our mission is to give back to the planet and to be a voice for all living things who cannot speak for themselves.

We are dedicated to spreading awareness for the various ways we could make a positive impact on the planet that we call home. We care immensely about the animals and all of the living things that are here with us on this journey and we will continue to hold various donations and projects that cater to helping the causes that we care the most about.

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