Third Wolf is a clothing brand that values the originality of fine art. All designs are original creations by the Artist and Owner of Third Wolf, Alexa Varano.

Every item is individually hand painted, meaning no two will ever be exactly the same. All materials are sustainable and ethically made in the USA.

I deeply consider people and the planet in the making of our product. My most popular material is bamboo. Bamboo is soft, breathable, water resistant, and does not shrink.

Third Wolf delivers artistry that stretches beyond the every day realm. Captured in a language of geometry and symbology, we believe that art is objective and ever changing.

Without the use of blind mass production, every item receives attention and intention. There is heart in my process of creation. 

My mission as a brand is to return back to what truly matters: depth, authenticity, intention, and creation. I believe in wholeness, a layer beyond polarities, where there is no right or wrong, good or bad, but instead everything simply IS. 

Third Wolf : Create from Within.



Alexa Varano is the artist behind Third Wolf. It is all original artwork and design. 

Note from Alexa - 

I am a self taught artist and business owner. People often ask me where I went to school for art, but I actually studied political science/international affairs and originally was going to continue into Law School. I have always carried with me intense energy. I knew before committing to law school that I needed to quit before I started and pursue a career in painting. I had no idea what that would look like at the time.

I started with selling canvas through various outlets. 

Eventually I was gifted the idea to paint on clothing - this is when my business, Third Wolf began to manifest, around 2015.

I decided to hand paint shirts rather than screen print them in order to keep the authentic feel of each original product. 

Third Wolf has steadily progressed and has become my baseline. I keep things very adaptable in order to morph with the ever changing times both collectively and personally.

This is my first year with business on the East Coast, although I spent the first 18 years of my life in New Jersey. I originally founded my business in Colorado where I lived between 2008-2021. New horizons and new adventures ahead.