About The Artist - Alexa Varano

Alexa Varano Bio:


Alexa was born in New Jersey in May of 1990. Her father’s side is Italian and her mother’s side is German. Alexa’s parents divorced when she was barely 3 years old, where she was immediately immersed in the depth of many splits and tensions. There was a lot of tension and trauma in her life growing up. Family played a significant role in her life, being very close, but also very intense in a lot of tumultuous ways. Alexa found solice in extreme coping mechanisms through the age of 21. She used alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, and relationships to the extreme as a way to cope with her surroundings and the depth of herself. While growing up, art played a role, but a subtle one as she never pursued it fully until she entered a path of healing and recovery. In fact, in many ways, art was the path of healing and recovery. By the age of 21, Alexa found treatment and started to take a new, healthier path, where she willingly started to heal, grow, and understand herself on a deeper level. The process of getting to know her inner world took the forefront of her life for many years, even still. When she got sober, she started painting almost manically. It was a tool she used to continue forward in life into a new world and a happier existence. 


After discovering her talent in the arts, Alexa realized her creative path and the range that she holds inside. She began to understand the splits and the tension that were mainly inside of her since the beginning and projected externally as a means to cope. The world around her was always a reflection of her internal world. This is what painting taught her mainly.

Right from the beginning of her painting career, Alexa painted portraits with raw human emotion. She obsessively painted legendary artists of all fields. In the faces of all of the legendary celebrities that she painted, there is a similar facial expression, mainly held in the eyes that continued to naturally appear. From the public, everyday person standpoint, there is often a glorifying affect that is held on celebrities, almost forgetting that they too are human beings having a human experience through life. Alexa captures this deeply in her work, helping people to really identify with the process of exploring the self on all internal levels.


Alexa branched out into other styles and started painting some abstract work as well as figurative expression paintings. Her work even here still captures the human experience, the rawness of emotion, and the range that we hold individually. There is almost always layers of meaning and expression in her paintings. Alexa uses symbolism in a way that carries messages that can be interpreted individually by the viewer. 


As an artist, Alexa expands horizons. She is not one to be boxed or identified with any one particular area of art. Although her artistic handwriting holds true throughout her work, she moves through different realms of painting, portrait work, abstract work, figurative work, expressionism, and then a completely different layer of design with her brand Third Wolf Designs. The versatility of her work speaks to who she is as a person and the range that she carries inside.