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Thank you for your patience

Thank you everyone for your patience - we are now on the other side of this big move! New studio space on the East Coast! A few more final touches, but things are back up and running. You all are amazing.

25% OFF Your First Purchase

Welcome to Third Wolf -

As an introduction I would like to offer you 25% off your first purchase - WELCOME25 - code at checkout.

I am the artist behind the brand. Everything I create is routed in symbolism, depth, and intention. There is an energetic meaning inside of every creation. What you are called to can bring forward some insight for you.

I am currently creating a blog/page that explains the energy behind all of the symbolism in my work. I value the deeper meaning of everything - what lies behind the veil.


I am always available to answer questions or just talk about these layers if you are interested <3

Instagram - @thirdwolfdesigns

Facebook - Third Wolf : Art by Alexa Varano

Email - alexa@thirdwolfdesigns.com

Hand Painted

Original Art

Eco Friendly


Machine Washable


Third Wolf : Alexa Varano

Artistry that stretches beyond the every day realm.

Captured in a language of symbology and geometry.

Art is objective.

Wholeness, Consciousness & Authenticity is what we stand for. 

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