Artistry That Stretches Beyond

Hand Painted by the Artist

Original Art & Design by Alexa Varano

Art with a story

Symbolism & Creativity

Third Wolf - Alexa Varano Art

The art and design are original creations that each hold symbolical meaning. Every piece is created with intention. Art is objective. There is always room for interpretation. The feeling resides within each of us differently. Take the time to see what you are drawn to, let it speak to you.

Original Art

Hand Painted By Brush

I draw the design out, I cut out a stencil for each design, and one by one I paint each shirt individually over top the stencil. The artwork is all originally created - there is always meaning in the symbolism, however it is always open for interpretation as well.

Art speaks, words are often unnecessary. With Third Wolf you get true wearable art.

They will all vary slightly, as they are truly one of one pieces. They are machine washable with cold water.

Sustainable & Organic

Bamboo Fabric

Quality and respect are on top of the list. The material is made out of bamboo and organic cotton. Incredibly soft, breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic - to name a few positive things about bamboo. These shirts do not shrink.

Bamboo is sustainable - the plant grows like a weed so there is no shortage and no chemicals needed in order to make it grow at a faster pace for production!

Everything is MADE IN THE USA in fair and ethical labor environments.


Nature & Art

The natural world and the artistic world coincide - different layers of creation. Find your connection with nature, animals, expression, creation, and self. Find who you are through connection.

Find what calls to you - find your symbol - carry it with you throughout your day as an expression of wearable art.

From the people
From the people
The material is so soft, and the shirt was even more beautiful in- person. So happy with my purchase.
— L Brown - Etsy
From the people
Perfection......Excellent customer service. Friendly and personable. Custom order in lightening fast speed. Beautiful, quality work and my Granddaughter was thrilled......Highly recommend this seller.......
— Leanne - Etsy