Lion Hand Painted Bamboo Bandana w/ Liner


In addition to our face masks we decided to add bandanas to the mix as well! 

These are great for men and women - they are larger, and we thought they might be a more flexible fit for the men interested in our masks as well! 

These are handmade in house and are carefully created to fit your perfect bandana needs. 

We recommend washing before wearing, to be extra safe.

They are hand sewn and are made with a built in liner.

They are hand painted just like our clothing! A real one of a kind bandana! Think of it like the perfect opportunity for wearable art.

The material is bamboo - meaning they are very breathable and very soft. They are hypoallergenic. Bamboo is also antibacterial. This makes for great breathing material!

These are fashionable, handmade masks.