Raven Hand Painted Women's Muscle Tank



Our women's muscle tanks are made out of bamboo. Seventy percent bamboo and thirty percent organic cotton. They are cut with a wide arm hole, so expect to wear something underneath it (most likely). They are long and a little looser fitting.

The art is all my original artwork. I hand draw the design, cut out a stencil, paint with a brush over top every shirt - so they are hand done and one of one. The stencil is consistent, the paint will vary a bit.

If you want any changes in the shirt color or paint color, just leave me a note a check out I will read it and adjust it for you.

The paint is a fabric paint - I use 350 degree heat to set it into the shirt once its touch dry, so they are machine washable - cold water, low heat in the dryer. or hang it!!

They run a bit small, they do not shrink.

Thank you, let me know if you have questions. I'm happy to help.